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'NINTEDSONICSOLAR' The Super Mario Plush StudiosEdit

The Nintedsonicsolar Studios often known as The Super Mario Plush Studios is a group of teen filmmakers who direct,film and produce Super Mario Plush series and movies,based on Nintendo's mascot Super Mario,on YouTube.They are known under their YouTube channel name "nintedsonicsolar" and it is lead by two main directors: Shane and Jake.Their YouTube channel was created in September 15 2010 and are currently in the making of two main Super Mario Plush internet series namely:"The Super Adventures of Mario and Luigi" and "The Super Mario Bros.Plush adventures".It began production with its videos in October 2010 and uploaded it's first short on the 20th October.They also feature voice actors who voice acts the characters throughout the videos.Their first series(The Super Adventures of Mario and Luigi)namely permiered on the 23th October 2010 but was later removed and renewed for a better one,with much more professional works,and premiered on the 25th May 2012.The series' half season episode,'Episode 06' premiered on the 29th June 2012 and the other episodes are still in production.The main series of their channel,The Super Mario Bros.Plush Adventures premiered on the 26th December of 2010 and is also still in production.

They are best known for their Professional editings & Camera works,awesome presentations,and voice acting(though at the beginning,they could be seen amateur in experience).They also manage to put more interest and details on the Super Mario Bros. Plush adventures series.Nintedsonicsolar is popular on Youtube and is easily one of the most entertaining Super Mario plush show ever made on YouTube.Episode 05 of their series,The Super Mario Bros. Plush Adventures with over 1,000,000 views till now,and is currently their most viewed video.

Date Joined 15 September,2010


Suspense.. etc

Created by



Directed by



Story written by Jake
Producers Shane
Voices of








Original Channel YouTube
Original Run 2010 - present


Nintedsonicsolar uses Full HD cameras and "Super Mario plushes" to shoot videos,movies and episodes and edit them on an Editing software to add further effects,music and sound effects.At first,they were using only basic editing tool,but now they are using other professional techniques such Special Effects,Green Screening,and presentation FX.They are expecting to get more professional looking videos for their channel.The chracters are voice acted lively by some voice actors and most of it is played by Rahul and Nihal.Sometimes some characters are voiced by two voice actors at different moments.e.g Mario is voice acted by both,Rahul and Nihal simultaneously.Trish,another friend of them,also joined in for the voice of Princess Peach in 2011.But although they mainly voice act the characters,they also work on other elements of the videos,where Nihal writes the play of the characters,Rahul arranges and edits several tracks and songs for the background music and they both edit the videos together.

The genre of their series are originally set to be comedy,action,adventure and suspense.They show a lot of funny sayings and also shows some rude languages which are censored in their videos,to make it as funny as possible and they often tend to create new characters with other plushes and put them in videos for more originality.They do so as they often think that having the same characters everytime is boring.

The Super Mario Bros.Plush Adventures.Edit

The Super Mario Bros. Plush Adventures series is the main,unique series of Nintedsonicsolar and was created in December 2010.It features the classic adventures of Mario and Luigi and other details of the Super Mario world.It shows Mario and Luigi engaging in several boss battles to save the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom,Princess Peach from the hands of the related enemy who everyone believe is Bowser.Season 1 has 8 episodes till now.

The series begins seeing Mario returning home from vaccation, but is attacked by a powerful goomba known as the "Ultimate Goomba"(who was supposedly sent by "Bowser").Due to his strength,the goomba is able to withstand every attacks of Mario,and put him in a bad situation but Luigi then comes to his rescue and together,they successfully get rid of the Goomba.But Luigi then realises that he should be at Princess Peach's castle and immediately goes to phone her.But the latter is attaked during the phone call and Mario accompanied by Luigi,make their way to the Castle to find out what happened.The story keeps on going with a a lot of suspense afterwards.A wicked bad guy named Bowser Monkey is putting up an evil plan at stealing a magical unknown Power Star called,the "Elementary Star" which the Toads have found a night before!At the castle,Luigi also informs that he had used this Power Star to come and save Mario when he was in danger with the Ultimate Goomba!The Evil monkey is attempting at capturing the Princess as well to obey his plans.When Mario and Luigi arrive at the castle,the Princess is found missing,and the 2 are attacked by Barold the Bear who was sent by the Monkey.During,the fight,2 other bears steal the Princess and the Elementary Star,and carry them to their Airship, forcing both Mario and Luigi to chase them.Bowser Monkey then causes an Earthquake and drive Mario into another dimension and escapes with both Peach and the Star.Bowser Monkey is attacked afterwards during the escape by the real Bowser who is back to capture Princess Peach and the Elementary Star.The 2 fight to keep them but Bowser Monkey is defeated and Bowser becomes the new leader..Mario and Luigi are then forced to set up in an adventure to rescue to Princess and the Star back.

The 1st season of the series had a set of 4 Episodes respectively as from 2011.Episode 05 premiered on the 30th September of 2011 and became one their most viewed videos,with over 1,000,000 views,in 6 months.After a long period of time,the series was considered dead,but it was announced in a bulletin that they were still working on the series,and that Episode 06 "Real Enemy Revealed" would be coming soon.The episode finally premiered on the 29th July of 2012 and promised to bring the other episodes as soon as possible..Episode 06 was revealed to be a success on it's release with it's awesome special FX,storyline,camera works and video editing.The other episodes were promised to come in November of 2012 but was again delayed to around the begining of 2013.It was announced in an update that 3 episodes,Episode 7,8, & 9,were finalised and would definitely come during February.Episode 07 finally premiered on the 24th February 2013,and the other episodes will premiere soon with the final episodes confirmed to be released in 2016.

The Super Adventures of Mario and Luigi.Edit

The Super Adventures of Mario and Luigi(originally named,Mario,Luigi and the others' Super Adventures) is another series,considered,the 2nd main series created by Nintedsonicsolar.The series originally premiered in October 2010 with the title name,Mario,Luigi and the others' Super Adventures.But as the series was completely amateur and negatively rated,they decided to remove it and renew the series with a much more professional looking one with the same story,which then premiered on the 25th May of 2012 with the new changed title,The Super Adventures of Mario and Luigi.In the 1st one,the series showed Mario and Luigi bored,sitting on the sofa,and decides to go to their room where Toad tells them that their dog was kidnapped and also showing the story of other new characters.But it was later changed in the renewed one,showing Mario and Luigi returning back from work for holidays when suddenly Toad comes out of nowhere,all in pannic,informing them that Yoshi had been captured by a raccoon for an unknown reason.Mario and Luigi then sets into his pursuit and battles him.They successfully beat him but however,when they get back to the castle,they unknowingly set themselves into a very bad situation due to information by a mysterious cat concerning the faith of the kingdom.It is then told that Yoshi and an unknown dalmatian dog have a mysterious power which can destroy the whole world.Mario,Luigi accompanied by Yoshi then set on their way to find that dog before 3 revealed monsters,fictionally known as the 'Trio Monsters' who are trying to capture and harness their power,do so. The series is completely different from the 1st main one.It is very fictional and it also featured other invented plush characters,but they were removed in the nenewed one.The series' 1st season has already got 6 episodes till now.The Half Season Episode,Episode 06 "The Tricky Forest",premiered on the 29th June of 2012 and the 2nd Half Season episodes are currently in production and will feature lots of special effects too.Nintedsonicsolar had announced in a bulletin,that the episodes would come in August,but was delayed in 2013.The final episodes of the series are unknown when to be released,though the directors announced in a bulletin that they would bring it by 2015 or 2016.

Super Mario Shorts and Movies Special.Edit

Besides making Super Mario Plush series,The Nintedsonicsolar Studios also make films,shorts and movies on YouTube.It is most of the time based on real time events and festivals which are written by the directors.Some examples are:The Halloween special,Christmas special,New Year's Eve special,April Fools special,Easter special,Summer Fun etc..The most recent one in which they worked on, is the Summer Fun Special 2012 which came out on the Summer Fall 2012(on the beginning of September).They state that it is one of their funniest and most entertaining movies they've worked on and they hope to entertain the audience.But they were also very bothered about the ending of the movie,in which they state that it looks too quick and unexplained and which they could not change as they were very late on the release..The New Year's Eve and the Halloween Special 2011 is also one of their greatest works,which are the first ones to feature a lot of dazzling Special Effects and a very interesting story.Due to its major success on YouTube,it was placed in the playlist "Best of NINTEDSONICSOLAR" which was created by nintedsonicsolar to feature all their greatest videos.On 2011 they released a Big Movie title on YouTube named Fate of the Day which takes place during Easter.In the movie,a new character comes to spend holidays at Mario's house for Easter.But a bad guy named "The Octopus" is unknowingly putting up a plan to rob Mario's house and destroy the Mario Bros.The movie is around 40 minutes and alot of effort and editing was put in the movie.Although it was not a major success like the New Year's Eve and the Halloween one,they tend to feature it every year on Easter Day to increase its popularity.It was also confirmed this August,that the Nintedsonicsolar Studios are working on a new Halloween Special movie for October 2012 in which they state it will be completely different from the previous ones.It was then officially announced in a bulletin on October that the new Halloween Special Movie would premiere on 31st and that the movie would be based on the horror blockbuster movie,Paranormal Activity.The story of the movie was kept secret,and promised to bring more news about it soon.The movie then premiered on the 31st October in 2 parts with a total duration of 20 minutes.It is known as the scariest movie in their Halloween works and they used a new concept of filming,by using the footage method just as the Paranormal Activity movies.

Luigi's Stupid Adventures.Edit

nintedsonicsolar also confirmed that another series began in works.It's entitled "Luigi's Stupid adventures" and it only describes Luigi setting up in a hilarious adventure to save the world.The series was originally a small short known as "The Battle of Crazy Luigi and Koopa" but the directors got so many ideas that they decided to continue the short as an entire new series.Episode 2 was currently said to be in production but after 1 year of no particular news,it was stated to be no longer on the works.Nintedsonicsolar then announced that they had completely left the works,and that they might not continue it,due to all the busy things they had been going through.But it is not yet confirmed whether they will continue it or not...

Voice Actors,Edit

The main voice actors of the channel are Shane and Jake.They are both friends and make the videos together.But as they needed a new voice actress for the voice of Princess Peach and other female characters,Trish,one of their friends,accepted and joined the cast for the voice of Princess Peach in 2011.Shane currently plays the main character Mario whereas Jake plays mainly Luigi(even if he sometimes voice Mario in some scenes)

The voice actors also have their own channel occupations.Shane is a music producer and pianist,Jake makes Video Game reviews,trailers and walkthroughs for the latest Sonic The Hedgehog games mainly and other video games, and Trish is a musician,singer and makes covers of a couple of songs together with Shane

Characters Voice Actors
Mario Shane/Jake
Luigi Jake
Yoshi Jake
Toad Shane
Princess Peach Trish
Bowser Jake
Koopa Jake
Other Fictional Characters
Choker Jake
SpongeBob Shane
Pooper Jake
Clownyman Shane
Beary Shane
YOKO(Bowser Monkey) Shane
Barold the Bear Shane
Ultimate Goomba Shane
Bario Shane
Bueno Jake